Playing catch-up!

Since it’s already waaaaaay past my bedtime… I figured I’d work on a post to extend it even longer.

That’s logical, right?!

I have had the opportunity to work with some incredible people in the recent past and I’d like to give them a special place in my blog.

One of them being the Brewer family.

Josh and Ashley have announced that Ava is on the way and I am overly excited for them! Two so-in-love people to have their first born just makes me……Keeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

ehem, so since two beautiful people only means one beautiful baby I am overly excited about photographing her as a newborn this summer .

I’m SO lucky I will be photographing the beautiful mommy as well.

So excited that…(have you caught on that I’m excited?)… many nights I lie awake thinking about how to put all of my ideas into action.

I. Can’t. Wait.

I’ve done a few sessions for these two and their family but they don’t seem to be sick of me yet… which makes me love them even more!:-)


So as if that isn’t enough…

This pretty young lady:

is getting married this summer and….

you guessed it, I’m photographing her wedding!


…….who really says that?

Okay, I think you get it.

I think it’s time for bed. Or perhaps a thesaurus ….


I’ll do some more catching up soon.:)



Me: A senior session? Sure!

Devon’s Mom: I have to warn you, he doesn’t like having his photo taken…

Me: Oh. We’ll that’s okay, I’m sure it will be just fine.

..and for someone who doesn’t like his photo taken…he sure made my job very very easy!

The whole session turned out FANTASTIC!

He’s a natural isn’t he?

Did I mention it was FREEZING out?

Yep. And still a trooper.


After all my corny jokes and jumping around in the cold he laughed….finally!:-)


Sometimes I wonder if kids get in the car after a photoshoot and ask “where do you find these crazy people, mom?”

Such a pleasure working with Devon and I’m always thankful for the opportunity!!


Super Bowl Sunday

Whew! I have let my blog get so far behind! I’m terrible….So I may bombard you all with some serious postings to catch back up!

Yesterday was indeed Super Bowl Sunday.

Now, I have no concern for pro football but I attended a family party just for the company and good laughter to be had by commercial breaks. As a matter of fact, I had no idea who was playing before arriving. I was asked if I wanted in the pot for final scores and winning team.

I just stared blankly.

Yeah, that bad.

BUT what came of that party was some pretty rockin’ rainbow fruit skewers. Compliments of me.


Completely inspired by Pinterest.

And in spite of all the other delicious treats … the skewers went pretty quickly.

All I could keep thinking the entire time of making them was ROY G BIV.

Does anyone else remember this?!?!

Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet

The things you never forget in elementary school.

I can really appreciate fruit… and since I overpurchased….

There’s plenty more to snack on for the week!

Hoping everyone enjoyed the game, their Sunday and whatever company they were in!

OH! and good food!




Today a very beautiful friend of mine is celebrating her Birthday! Whooo woo!

Realizing last week that it was so, I decided that I wanted to give her something she would really appreciate. Isn’t that what we’re all after when giving some one we care about a gift? Of course. So I decided to embark on another crafting project. Crocheting. Hand crafted love!  Surprisingly, not many people knew I could do this.:-)A kind co-worker taught me how on a slow and rainy day during the years of my job as a lifeguard. Oh what I would give to have those same responsibilities when it rains now…

Anyhow, this is what I crafted:

A scarf! The season just ahead is something I am always ready to dive into. And who doesn’t need a new scarf?!

Here’s the lovely birthday lady:

Wishing you the happiest birthday and many more years to follow, dear!

Guilty Morning Breakfast

Sooo my husband’s favorite breakfast happens to be blueberry crepes.

I, on the other hand, refused to even try them for the last 6 years of knowing him…until I took a bite of his at Bob Evans a few weeks ago.


I’ve been hooked ever since and lately I’ve been trying to make them at home. Today was the day I nailed them.

While my favorite is Strawberry my husband loooooves blueberry and so before he ran off to work this morning I decided to make him a little blueberry surprise.

He couldn’t stop smiling………………until I asked for a photo. I’ll spare you his expression.

F a c e b o o k
C o n t a c t