Super Bowl Sunday

Whew! I have let my blog get so far behind! I’m terrible….So I may bombard you all with some serious postings to catch back up!

Yesterday was indeed Super Bowl Sunday.

Now, I have no concern for pro football but I attended a family party just for the company and good laughter to be had by commercial breaks. As a matter of fact, I had no idea who was playing before arriving. I was asked if I wanted in the pot for final scores and winning team.

I just stared blankly.

Yeah, that bad.

BUT what came of that party was some pretty rockin’ rainbow fruit skewers. Compliments of me.


Completely inspired by Pinterest.

And in spite of all the other delicious treats … the skewers went pretty quickly.

All I could keep thinking the entire time of making them was ROY G BIV.

Does anyone else remember this?!?!

Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet

The things you never forget in elementary school.

I can really appreciate fruit… and since I overpurchased….

There’s plenty more to snack on for the week!

Hoping everyone enjoyed the game, their Sunday and whatever company they were in!

OH! and good food!



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